"Haunting ... an awe-inspiring brand of desert-pop/swamp rock." - Huff Post

“A name like Dead Posey may conjure something langour, but the band's cryptic electricity is reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age and The Kills, making for a rock 101 indulgence.” - Glide Magazine

“Their debut single, “Holy Grail,” is already making waves as a bluesy, stomping blast of swaggering vocals, power chords and one seriously infectious, howling hook that will spare no one. You’ve been warned.” - BMI.com

"Freak Show is dark and features a blend of desert rock, along with elements of soulful garage rock and dirt under the fingers grit that describe the rough and tumble side of the city beyond the bright lights." - Purevolume.com

“The Los Angeles band's lyrics lean toward the metaphysical, its debut EP, Freak Show, is a raucous, fuzz-loaded collection of back-to-basics rock ‘n’ roll." - Ghettoblaster.com

“Swaggering band Dead Posey are revitalizing rock conventions with their sandblasted new EP, Freak Show.“ - The Deli Magazine (LA)

“Their debut single as Dead Posey “Holy Grail” is a stomping and swaggering bit of anthemic, power chord-based rock that sonically owes a debt to The Black Keys, Dirty Ghosts and the glam rock sounds of T. Rex” - The Joy of Violent Movement

 It could double as the soundtrack for the witching hour. 

A brew of rough-and-tumble guitars, Melancholy lyrics, and femme fatale vocal invocations, Dead Posey casted a sonic spell that seduced as it scorched. The Los Angeles-based band—vocalist/Co-Producer Danyell Souza and producer/multi-instrumentalist Tony F [formerly of Eve 6]—immediately enchanted on their debut EP “Freak Show” released in 2018. 

While forming Dead Posey, the two tapped into an intense creative chemistry while quietly working in the studio for nearly a year to hone in on their sound rather than diving into the live show circuit. Beyond early acclaim from Huffington Post and more on their first EP they landed high-profile syncs everywhere from Fox’s Lucifer, MTV's Teen Wolf, Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, Macy’s, Sony PlayStation, and more.

Dead Posey is currently anticipating the release of their Second ep as well as playing some festivals & a tour in Europe this fall [2019].